Online Trading Account

When it comes to choosing the best online trading account, it is important to learn as much as you can about all of your options. At Traders International, we specialize in helping investors just like you navigate the wide array of options available in order to select the right one.

There are three basic types of online trading accounts:
  • Cash Trading Accounts
  • Virtual or Simulated Trading Accounts
  • Margin Accounts

Cash Trading Accounts are the most basic type. You deposit money into an account and make trades using those funds. The minimum amount for opening one of these accounts varies by broker. The limitations of course, are that you can only trade up to the value of the money in your account, and you must minimize your losses in order to make a profit.

Virtual/Simulated Trading Accounts are a type of online share trading account that allow you to buy, sell, and trade stocks, futures and commodities without using actual money. This kind of online trading account is the perfect way for investors to practice and perfect their trading methods, and is offered to all Traders International members for this reason.

Margin Accounts allow you to borrow money from a broker to buy and trade stocks and other financial assets. This loan is similar to a line of credit, in that it has a set spending limit or payout amount, must be repaid and accrues interest. With the right trading system in place, trading on margin can be very profitable.

To discover more online trading account options and to determine which type of online trading account is right for you, contact Traders International today. Remember, successful investors always plan ahead, and the first step is to learn the basics and develop an executable investment strategy.