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Online Trading

In 1997, Traders International founder Afshin Taghechian found that his trading success had enabled him to devote more time to his real passion – developing a simple yet powerful strategy for trading the S&P 500 index. While he was presented with very lucrative job opportunities in the corporate world, Afshin found the emerging e-mini markets to be much more compelling.

Before long Afshin’s friends sought his advice and wanted to learn his powerful trading strategies. Informally guiding them on how to use his process at first, Afshin soon organized what he’d learned into the foundation for what is now the Traders International Market Expert System (TIMES).

Proven Trading Techniques Are Taught Step by Step

After spending many years studying advanced technical analysis, Afshin used his extensive knowledge to launch Traders International, Ltd.

Traders International quickly established a reputation as an e-mini trading innovator. Combining powerful trading methods with sound money management techniques, Traders International has helped ordinary individuals gain the power that had previously been available only to professional floor traders.

Today, Afshin and his experienced team teach novice and veteran traders worldwide how to succeed from the daily volatility, liquidity and leverage of the e-mini markets. They demonstrate the step-by-step process in clear, concise terms, mixed with analogies and examples. Students gain the correct mindset and money management techniques for trading whether they are a beginner, intermediate or advanced trader. Now you too can learn the powerful techniques of TIMES.