Traders International FAQs

How many trades per day can I expect to get?

There are multiple trading opportunities during the trading day however our goal is to provide you with a set of high probability trading signals. On average our high probability signals will provide you with 3-10 high probability trades throughout the trading day.

What is the minimum investment per trade?

Most Brokers would require $500 per contract. For better money management, we recommend $2000 per contract. The minimum investment to open and account with many Brokers is $2,000.

What start up capital will I need?

We recommend that each trader starts off with a minimum of $3,000 in their trading account.

How long does the training take and how long till I trade real money?

That will depend on how long you take to go through each step of the training. During this time, we recommend that you complete a minimum of 15 profitable days out of 20 using a real simulation account trading the live market before you trade with real money.

Is the program user friendly for novice traders?

The education program is designed to accommodate all levels of trading experience, from complete novice to advanced level traders. You do not need to have trading experience to join and trade with Traders International.

How many hours per day do I need to trade?

We recommend you only trade 2 to 3 hours max per day.

Do I need a special computer system to trade?

Microsoft Windows 2000 and Up
MAC OS X (running Parallels and Windows OS)
Android if browser supports flash 10.1 and Up or install the Web Conference Mobile app from the Android Market
IOS (iPad and iPhone 4 and Up.)

Do you help me set up my trading account, charts and execution platform?

Yes we have videos to walk you through step by step the process of how to set up your
trading account, charts and trading platform. We can also set up everything remotely on your computer for a small fee – contact us for more details.

Is this a black box system or do I need to watch the live market?

You will be watching live charts and therefore Traders International is not a black box system. We are continually updating our trading system based on the movements in the live market every day. Traders International never stands still and is always moving with the market to ensure we pin point the best entry and exit points.

Are you the broker?

Traders International is the educational company that provides live training and a live trading room on how to trade. We are not the broker, charting service or trading platform provider, however we assist traders in setting up their charts, platform and brokerage account.

What is the next step? How can I get more information?

We recommend that you join us online for a free online Power Trading Workshop, and see for yourself how so many successful traders have learned how to profit whether the market is moving up or down.

You’ll experience how easy it is to take advantage of the daily volatility, liquidity and leverage of the E-mini markets, so you can achieve long-term success with short-term trading. You will be interacting every day with seasoned trading instructors that give you the real-time mentoring and the experienced education on what the pros use to trade.

They demonstrate the step-by-step process in clear, concise terms, mixed in with analogies and examples so it makes crystal clear sense. Students gain the correct mindset and money management techniques for trading no matter what their trading experience level is.

Sign up now for one of the upcoming FREE Power Trading Workshop to check it out for yourself. Become an expert by following the experts.

The LIVE market session is held via web conference and is entirely interactive. We will personally walk you through the trading method and answer any questions. Register today and take the next step towards success!


Do you trade with stop losses?

Yes, we never trade without a stop loss and it is executed automatically the second we are entered into a trade.

Also once a Stop is placed, it is registered on the exchange and even if clients lose connection the Stop remains in place.